"i'll see you when i see you." | A Creative Exploration and Conversation

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Once I saw my fashion choices changing, I knew fashion, as a whole, was going to change. The importance of the next best thing, became no longer important. Let's call it a shift.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically; everything shifted. I found myself developing a new vision,  a new view of how I could exert my passion for design and fashion. It was forced, due to the circumstances, but needed. I felt pushed to think deeper, and produce ideas into reality. I found myself producing outfits I began calling "indoor fashion". I loved that this was a new challenge. I had to create outfits that never left the house. Getting dressed every morning became VITAL  to my day. It started my day with creativity and detailed thought. Even though it was "indoor casual", jeans, a T Shirt, and slides, it meant something to me. I was able to create without the pressure of performance. 

Below I have tossed my fashion predictions; indoor casual, outdoor casual, and occupational. My predictions include, neutrals, sports wear, streetwear mixed with lounge wear, office wear mixed with athletic pieces. I have an idea that fashion will be more functional focused and most people will lean toward having the basics, but with a color pop, or little detailed flare. WE SHALL SEE! 

“I’m inspired by the fact that fashion can mean something different out of the end of this,” he went on to add. “It doesn’t feel like it did a year ago. Today it seems useless, in a way: a new handbag, a pair of shoes. Getting groceries seems more important than buying a new garment that I already have 30 of in a closet. I don’t think of that as a bad thing.” - HIGHSNOBIETY 

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Stuck in you room aka now office? Besides rearranging my entire room...twice... I have added little things to help make my space a place I love and genuinely enjoy being in. Before I moved into my current space, I slowly collected items; bedsheets, pillows, furniture that I knew  wanted to bring into my new room. I was nesting without a nest. I was ready to have the anxieties of the idea of home be put to rest, and to find "home" in my new space. For the first time in a VERY long time, I feel at home in my home. 

We can easily find "home" within people, memories, experiences, and or places that are not our usual home. I have been able to find safety within people vs. places. I chose that I would find rest and peace in my next space. I needed  to create a place I wanted to exist in, a space that was MY OWN SPACE. I designed, things I chose, the vision I SAW for me. I hold this importance of having my own space in my personal and professional environments. I cherish these spaces because I have decided that I MATTER. Self care can also look like creating an environment for yourself that helps you create, thrive, and breathe. 

Add special touches to your space aka room spray to restart the room. Create safety. Get a plant. Bring life into your life. You can't give life to others if you don't have any to give. 


Top 4 | Inspo via Insta

ig001 | @subliming.jpg

who doesn't love design mixed with heart and mind wrecking quotes w/ dope fonts. BOLD. LOUD. and CRISP.

ig002 | @madisonilissablank

Madison is the Men's Fashion Director for Saks. She mixes femme and sporty to create the perfect harmony. Her vibe is my mood. A femme detail with a sneaker, a sporty moment with a delicate touch. 

ig003 | @saturdays.jpg

A mood board by @gabriellerizzo  . Here is her site. I feel drawn to her page's aesthetic. I love seeing into someones mind through their saved folder(s) on instagram. She brings variety yet a chic mood. 

ig004 | @amydavidson11

sometimes someone's creative vision is gifted to them by God himself. This is Amy. Her vision and eye is something beyond this world. Its like she sees the big picture but is able to slide it into small squares on IG. 


my COVID coffee game has been nothing special- a flavored Keurig pod and some sugar. It really only gave me 8 ounces of caramel colored liquid energy. This creamer was a GOLDEN GIFT to my soul when my BFF dropped it off for me. I am dairy free and always looking for new products to try. This was a TREAT. I will say it was on the sweeter side, but the creamy buttery-esk vibe to this was such a delight paired with my decent Keurig coffee. 

Once you are quarantined you begin to find pleasure in things you didn't care for previously. I liked drip coffee but never went out of my way to make my own. Once I realized I would be inside for a while, I began to create a routine. That routine made my 6:30AM wake up the most precious part of my day. I couldn't wait to go to sleep, knowing I was going to get up before the rest of the world and make myself a hot cup of coffee and read my current book (Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus). This morning moment is everything to me now. My day begins with quiet - mind, body, and soul. It's wild to know that we are capable of quieting our internal conversations and narratives. Once we find the space and time to quiet the noise, we become capable of using the clarity to act and move toward our desired self. 


With staying home, I've been turning all of my routines into ones that adhere to the indoor lifestyle. With this shift, I have found some self-care staples. 

Dry Brush (improvements w/ ingrown hairs, scarring, dry skin) Purchased at Target, WORTH IT! Not only do these help with lymphatic drainage, but I've said bye to ingrown hairs and acne scarring on my arms, legs, and back. Before showering I do a full body brush down, circular motions. I also do this after I shower, because the pores are open. 

Hair Oil (improvements w/ damaged hair, hair texture, split ends) This is my secret weapon for my hair. I've been dying my hair for a while now & still recovering from the bleaching moments. I have been using this one for a while because it eases frizz, doesn't weigh down my hair, helps with the detangling of damaged hair, smells amazing, and gives my damaged hair life. This also has a UV protective layer which is great for the summer or for someone using heat. 

Lip Balm / Lip Mask (improvements w/ texture & tone) Being inside, I am wearing no makeup besides a lil brow gel. Within a month of using this product once in the AM & PM, I saw a difference in texture, color, tone, and look in my lips. I am someone who has scarring on my lips from sun blisters and sports injuries, and this product has changed the game for me. My lips became softer, fuller, and the color of the scars dulled, and evened out. It says mask, but I use it as a lip balm/gloss. It keeps in moisture and even with the price this lil tub lasts FOREVER.

Perfume (just a fun necessity)
Nothing is better than someone telling you that you smell good. Our sense of smell is one of THE strongest ways our brains collect memories. During quarantine, after my morning shower, I make sure to put on a little something depending on my mood; floralfreshsweet. Knowing that I smell nice, brings a casual joy to my day. It's a small gesture of self care that puts me in a mindset that I can start from a fresh clean slate for the day. Even though you may not be seeing anyone new, it's about what you are creating for YOU.

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